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About Organization

Sundar Nepal Sanstha, established in 1996, by a group of energetic youth volunteers in Surkhet district with the aim to enhance the living condition of the poor, deprived and marginalized people through delivery of quality services. It has sound administrative and     financial system, computerized accounting system, own building with 24 hours electricity and internet.

It has a number of bylaws, policies and guidelines for the operation of the organization and activities. BNA has carved its name and made significant achievements both on organizational development and program implementation on local governance; health, sanitation and hygiene; climate change adaptation; promotion of renewable energy & biomass energy; advocating gender equity and social inclusion; adopting sustainable agriculture & livestock management and promotion of community forest-based enterprises. The vision of the organization is - developmental work in communities for the creation of a beautiful, ideal and well-established society. It has good track record of working in 17 districts of Mid and Far-West region.

1.    Type of Organization

Non-profit, Social Development Organization devoted to deliver the services to the community.

2.    Registration Details

i.    Registration at Chief District Office of Surkhet.
ii.    RegNo/ Year of Registration: 90/ 053/054.
iii.    SWC Affiliation N0: 5953/2054

3.    Vision

Developmental works in Community for the creation of beautiful, ideal & well-established society.

4.    Mission

Continuous support to community for the enhancement of women, poor and deprived people though group approach for their empowerment. Community development programs  for enhancing knowledge, skill & ability, different public related programs like Agriculture, Irrigation, Health, Education, Child, Women, Drinking water, income generation and infrastructure development.

5.    Goal

Assist to develop a beautiful & ideal, society and assess of poor & deprived people through the group mobilization, utilization of the local resources in great extent, by the formation of impartial society. 

6.    Objectives

(a)    Awareness creation for the beautiful & ideal society
(b)     Sustainable & income generation activities through the group approach.
(c)    To create the necessary environment for education, Health, Literature, Music, Arts & Sports.
(d)    Income generation through the conservation & promotion of the valuable properties of the Nation.
(e)    To uplift the status of the community in the field of human right, wage-labour, Drinking water, Agriculture, Irrigation, children& AIDS.
(f)    To deliver the deliver the services to the target group through the participatory approach of the need assessment, and proper utilization of the funds received from the national & international donor agencies.