Women Reproductive Health

Support Agency: LINK Helvetas

Program Area:  Bidyapur, Babiyachaura and Chhare VDCs of Surkhet district.

Targe Group: Women suffering from the uterine prolaplsed in different stage and rural vulnerable women. 

Duration: 3 years 

Women who give birth of child and are responsible for the regulation of the society and managing home are facing different problems in reproductive health. Especially most of the women are suffering from the uterus prolapsed in different stages. Early marriage, lack of care during the period of child birth, lifting heavy weight such as fetching water, lifting load, sexual relation in early age/period of the child birth causes the uterus prolapsed. It has different stages; primary, secondary and tertiary stages. Primary stages can be managed through physical exercises, secondary stages need to put ring pressury. When it is in final stage they shoudl go for the operation of uterus. 

BNA in the financial supprort of LINK Helvetas initiated awarness raising activities to the rural women through the mobilization of Local Resource Person (LRP). The program was launched in the networking of local level NGOs in the district. It has participated in the district level and natioanl level campaing wtih govt and non-govt agencies for support and policy change. Some of the women in higher stage of prolapse are supported for operation and are living with normal health condition.