Supprot: EVENT/Govt of Nepal, Ministry of Education

Workiing Area: Districts of Midwest Dev Region

Target community: Poor and deprived Women from the rural areas.

Duration: January 2013- till


  1. To provide the skill training on Advanced Training to the 40 women from marginal community and poor economic background. 
  2. To Assist for the self-employment for income generation of at least NRs 3000.00 per month.
  3. To provide life skill coaching and concelling. 

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Trained women has started their own business and has increased their earning level. Some of them has started to train other women and some of them has given an oppurtunity to work with them and earn money to support their lives.  Thirty nine out of 40 participants trained  have passed the CTEVT skill test and gained self-employment in local market. 

The income of the employed candidates has been verified by EVENT project team in last week of February 2014.