Education for IncomeGeneration (EIG) in Nepal

Name of Project: Education for IncomeGeneration (EIG) in Nepal

Donor Agency: USAID/Winrock International, Nepal

Working Area: Surkhet and Dailekh Districts

Sundar Nepal Sanstha (BNA) had provided quality and technical trainings as well as literacy, life skills, and peace-building knowledge for 242 participants' disadvantaged, conflict-affected in remote as well urban area of mid-west region, youths to aim at increasing employment and income generation in Surkhet and Dailekh district by self and through the help of sub-partner organization. Conducted vocational trainings include in the following table (2009/10):

S.N Name of Training No of participaints Training Duration
 1. Security guard 100 268
 2.  Mechanical Helper 20 390
 3.  Improved cooking stoves 42 100
 4.  Mason(Brick) 40 432
 5.  Mason(Stone) 40 432
Total 242  

Purpose of Project:

  • To increase the income of the participants.
  • To provide knowledge and skill on the personnel safety and physical safety of the office they work for.
  • To provide knowledge on HIV/AIDS and life skill, peace building to protect from possible dangers, to solve the personal problems and to support for peaceful community formation.


 It has completed the training on the following occupations in 2011/12:

 SN  Name of Training  No of Participants Target Area  Venue of Training
1.  Micro Hydro Mason  20 Jumla and Kalikot  Jumla
2.  Micro Hydro Operator  20  Jumla and Kalikot Jumla 
3. Tractor Driver 20 Surkhet, Dailekh and Kalikot Surkhet
4.  Dress Maker (Female)  22  Surkhet, Jajarkot and Dailekh  Surkhet
5. Snacks Maker (Female) 20 Surkhet and Dailekh Surkhet

The participants are engaged in the income generating activities (Self employment of job placement) after training.