Climate Risks Assessment/ Integrated Watershed Management

This is a joint venture project being implemented by Sundar Nepal Sanstha (BNA), and Community Development and Environment Conservation Forum (CDECF), Sindhupalchwok. This project is desinged for Climate Risk Assessment, Preparation of Integrated watershed management Plan Assessment of Community Based Early Warning System Project to be implemented in Sotkhola Watershed of  Surkhet.  CDECF is working as lead firm and BNA as associate firm of  the project. The project is being supported by Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management Programme (CDRMP) of  UNDP Nepal.   Climate Vulnerability Assessment will consist of  Preparatory phase, Climate vulnerability risk assessment,  Community based early warning assessment, preparation of watershed management plan of  the watershed area. Similarly the project will support for the Community Based Early Warning Assessment through awareness creation in community about Major hazards and importance of the early warning, indigenous knowledge used in early warning assessment,  identification of the capable institutions and means of the communication, awareness on the existing infrastructure potential to contribute early warning and linkage with stakeholders and govt agencies. CDCEF has recently singed the project.