Child Right and Children in Conflict

Project:   Reintegration of Children /Youth formerly Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups and Children Affected by Armed Conflict and Verified Minors and Late Recruits.

Duration:  8th October-2009 to 30 August 2015

Coverage districts: It is being implemeted in 16 districts of Mid- and Far-West Bajura, Darchula, Kanchanpur, Kailali, Dang, Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan, Banke, Jajarkot, Surkhet,  Bardiya, Dailekh, Jumla, Kalikot and Mugu through local partner organizations. 

Coverage VDCs: As per the cases of the supported children and youths

Objectives: The major objectives of the project are:

·Facilitate durable socio-economic reintegration of informally and VMLR and through an integrated and holistic approach that will provide peace dividends to the community as a whole, with special focus on gender and Social inclusion

·Strengthen the capacity of the government, child/human rights organization, community organization to prevent and respond to the core right violations of children, especially those affected by conflict.

·Support and mobilize children and young people for their involvement and contribution to peace building initiatives.


Sundar Nepal Sanstha (BNA) is working with different civil society organizations, people's organizations & networks to implement its program. BNA is also working with cooperative organizations to provide income generation support to the poorest families. Similarly, marginalized youth received vocational skill enhancement trainings & support for small scale infrastructure activities. These activities are implemented as a mean to reach community & facilitate institutionalized social inclusion & good governance practices, peace building, public audit that supports in creating condition in the community which will support long term peace. BNA has formed groups to enhance their capacity in peace building by identifying issues creating conflict & advocating for their resolution. It knows that various peace initiatives have been contributed to strengthen community capacity for peace. So, BNA in a collaborating with UNICEF, is implementing the reintegration of Children Associated with Armed Forces & Armed Groups-CAAFAG/CAAC Project in above districts of Mid-  and Far-Western Development Region. The reintegration of Children with Armed Forces & Armed Groups-CAAFAG/CAAC Project is a peace building program. Its main goal is to promote the peace through improved income, support & local capacity for peace among conflict affected communities in Mid-Western Development Region. The support district partner organizations are PEACEWIN Bajura, NNSWA Kanchanpur, RYC Darchula, DNGOCC Dang, BASE Salyan, CWIN Banke, KIRDARC and PTYSM Jajarkot. 

Some of the Activities Conducted

·Continued education support and skill training, IGA support to CAAFAG/CAAC

·Education support to VMLRs.

·Involvement in economic reintegration training organized by Unicef-Nepal

·Gender assessment in regular visit in the community.

·Psychosocial support to VMLR

·Review & planning meeting with line agencies

·Support the activities of DCWB & DCF/DCN

·Gender specific support to girls

·Linkage of CAAFAG/CAAC with private sector for economic activities

·Linkage of closed cases to government offices & CC/YC/SMC & other community groups.

·Psychosocial refresher training to CPSWs, teachers & HPEs

Note: CAAFAG: Children Associated with Armed Force and Armed Groups, CAAC=Children Affected from Armed Conflict, VMLR=Verified Minors and Late Recruits, WDO=Women Development Office, DCWB=District Child Welfare Board, CBO=Community Based Organization, CPC=Child Protection Committee