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Decentralized Energy Management Initiatives

 It is essential to understand the energy consumption pattern, assess the available indigenous energy sources, availability and access to commercial fuels, and examine the suitability of new and renewable energy technologies before designing an energy plan. The socio economic data identifies the capacity, efficiency, energy resource input requirement, human resource input requirement, technology status, adaptability, capital cost, operation and maintenance cost, environmental impacts; and socio-cultural preferences.

This component analyses and support the VDC and DDC to prepare the VDC and DDC level Energy Plan.

Till July 2012, RRESC has completed the preparation of the VDC plans of the following VDCs:

District VDC No of comittee members 
Surkhet Bidyapur, Ghoreta 11
Jajarkot Khalanga 9
Jumla Garjyangkot 13
Dailekh Chammunda 13
Kalikot Kalika(Mugraha) 11
Mugu Photu 11
Humla Raya 13
Salyan Baphukhola 11

Formation of ward level to VDC/DDC level plan, handover of the plan, follow up and coordination with the line agencies are some of the other activiites of this component.


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