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Sustainable Soil Management Programme(SSM-P)

Program: Sustainable Soil Management Program (SSMP)

Program Area: Gutu, Tatapani, Salkot, Pokhrikanda, Bidyapur

Duration: April 2000 –Dec. 2008

Support: Sustainable Soil Management Program(SSMP/Helvetas), Lalitpur

Project: Income generation of the farmers through the promotion of the commercial and semi-commercial vegetable production. Sustainable soil management through Integration of cash crops, Vegetables and legumes in cropping system. 

Major Activities:

  •  Promotion of the commercial and semi-commercial vegetable production.
  • Integration of cash crops
  • Vegetables and legumes in cropping system.
  • Preparation and use of FYM/ Compost
  • Farmer-led Experiment & Demonstrations
  • Trainings and exposures to group/leader farmers & staffs.



Sundar Nepal Sanstha has implemented the FTF program in the district as the Secretariat of the FTF committee Surkhet Chaired by Chief of DADO. Other members of the committee are Officer DDC representatives who looks the agriculture, forest and environment, Chief of District Livestock Service Office, Two renowned farmers representatives (one female and one male) and one representatives from Sundar Nepal as Secretary. The main responsibility of the Committee was to support the program in policy level, approve the proposals submitted by the farmers group, support the farmers groups and monitor the program in the district. The program was designed by SSMP jointly with the govt of Nepal. The program was supported by the govt in 9th and 10th plan as a tool for the agricultural extension in the nation. The program was designed to support the farmers groups to develop experties in the Experience Leader Farmers (ELFs) and they are to support the farmers groups in the village through the training to the group in a particular commodity, monitor farmers field and evaluate it.  The program found very effective for the dissemination of the skill of ELF to the farmers groups in low cost.

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