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Solar Energy

Solar Energy


As a Regional Renewable Energy Service Center (RRESC) of Alternative Energy Promotion Center /Energy Sector Assistance Program (AEPC/ESAP), BNA has been implementing a program on solar for rural electrification and drinking water supply. AEPC/ESAP has been implementing the program for increasing the access of the rural people on renewable energy technologies in remote areas of Nepal. The main elements of this program of AEPC/ESAP are to support to rural electrification through Solar Home Systems dissemination, developement and promotion of appropriate credit mechanism to increase affordability of rural poor to purchase SHS, provide alternative lighting option to poorest rural population by promoting Small Solar Home System (Solar Tuki), Support to minimize the environment hazard by initiating used battery management system.  For more information please visit: http://www.aepc.gov.np. BNA as a RRESC of AEPC/ESAP has been focusing it's activities on information dissemination and monitoring of the SHS as and when basis.

Agreement is signed with the support from AEPC/ESAP for the promotion of solar system based Community Solar Water Pumping  Projects  in the working districts of BNA. It focuses mainly for the lifting of water through the use of solar power to the community where there is scarcity of drinking water. The program is demand based. The community who want to use solar system for the drinking water project should contact to the RRESC/Sundar Nepal Sanstha with an application. The technical personnel from BNA will verify the project. The most feasible projects after verification will be supported by the project. 


The specific objective of the Community Solar Water Pumping Project is to provide fresh drinking water and increase the access in income generating activities of the people who are living in the rural remote areas of the Nepal.

Major Activities:

Solar Support Program (SSP) aims to promote the Photovoltaic technology mainly on Solar PV Water Pumping system to the different institutions in rural areas through users committee. In order to achieve its objective, RRESC/BNA has organized district level workshops in the project related district with local level organization, VDC secretary, district level GOs NGOs and INGOs working the field of water supply in the working districts . The objective of the workshop was to disseminate the information related to the drinking water supply schemes through the photovoltaic pumping system of SSP and encourage the mature and active users committee of the eligible VDCs to express their interest by filling a standard application form developed by AEPC/ESAP/SSP for water supply support. The initiation workshop provided different suggestions and feedback. A large number of applications were received from interested as well as eligible community for the implementation of Community Solar Water Pumping System. Most mature communities with extensive water demands, were shortlisted. Vertical head, resource discharge, house hold number with population, distance from the nearest road head, and meet design parameters for water pumping system and budget line was taken. Among the available demand requested form, RRESC/BNA has verified according to the predetermined quantifiable criteria in each districts and in each community. Requested applications were selected for the pre-feasibility study or field verification was made. Then RRESC/BNA staff has visited the field and verified the projects by using technical parameters. Different projects of different districts are under  the process of final subsidy approval.

Other activities on this component:

Field monitoring by technical staffs.

Demand collection of the possible projects from the target areas

Participatory Monitoring with DDC/DEES/DEEU in district level

Feasibility study of PVPS projects.

District level initiation workshops in Jajarkot, Dailekh and Surkhet districts.

Field visit and intensive social mobilization for the timely completion of the projects with quality assurance. 

1. Project Status (December  2012)  

Districts Demanded projects  Pre-feasibility completed



Detail Study completed Subsidy approved Completed projects 
Dailekh 15 9 5 3 2 0
Surkhet 22 18 10 6 3 1
Salyan 14 10 5 4 1 1
Jajarkot 4 3 2 1 -
Kalikot 5 1 -    
Jumla 1 1 -    
Dang 1 1 1 1    
Total  62 43 22 15 6 2


Some of the completed projects

Ghalena RSDWP,  Bajedichaur Surkhet

Project Ghalena Solar PV Water PumpProject
Site Badejichour VDC .,Ward No4,Surkhet
Solar Pump Description Max Head: 105m
Solar Array Output 1400 W
Controller Solar Motor Controller, 15A/150V/2800Wp
Regulates Array Power to Volt/Amp
Required by the pump at different ambient condition
Water Demand 10650Ltrs/day



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