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Poverty Alleviation


Poverty Alleviation Fund (PAF) envisages to develop and implement programmes that address the issues and problems of the lower rung of the society, by involving the poor and the disadvantaged groups themselves as partners in such efforts.  With the active participation of the poor and the marginalized groups of the society, the Fund shall run various poverty alleviation programmes and shall provide necessary assistance and funds to organizations involved in similar works. PAF envisions a democratic, just, equitable and sustainable Nepalese society.

Sudar Nepal as  Partner Organizations (POs) will  facilitate Community Organizations (COs). The facilitation shall be in organizing  COs, their capacity development, planning activities, carryout detailed survey design & estimates, proposal submission, as well as technical assistance and monitoring during implementation.

BNA will work to support the working  approach of the program  consists of  Selection of Households/Settlements, Community Organizations(COs), Community Subproject Funding, Community Subproject implementation and monitoring of the project.

 Target VDCs: Lagam, Betan. Bijaura, Gutu, Ghatgaun and Tatapani. 

Major roles and responsibiities of BNA under this project are: 

Social Mobilization: It  is the key component of the program. BNA will identify the settlements of target communities based on the secondary information available in the district: ethnicity, income level and access to basic service facilities. The consultation will be  done with concerned stakeholders and key informants. After identification of the settlement, BNA will facilitate communities for participatory social assessment/well-being ranking. Individual households of a settlement are categorized as the hardcore poor, medium poor, poor and non-poor by the communities themselves.


Capacity Building: BNA will support for the capacity enhancement of the Community Organizations.  It will support to makes the local level institutions self- reliant.  Local level institutions  being permanent institutions will be capacitated for the sustainability.


Income Generation:  BNA will facilitate to support the COs to enhance economic conditions of he members as per the norms of PAF and the project.


Rural Infrastructure Promotion: Community infrastructure is an important part of the development. Such infrastructure will be  linked with target communities' livelihood improvement, and include rural roads, trails, mule tracks, culverts, suspension bridges, truss bridges, short distance gravity cable ways, river bed land reclamation, drinking water systems including sanitation, water management - plastic tanks, sprinkler/drip systems, and farmer-managed small irrigation systems, collection centers and market including rural energy systems as per the demand and norms of  PAF.
Sundar Nepal will support to prepare proposals of the community infrastructure sub-project prepared by the Community Organization (CO) and will be submitted to PAF for funding and implementation.


Proposed current Activities:

Some of the activities proposed for this year are :  Staff selection, VDC level orientations, Ward and Settlement level orientations, Baseline Survey,  COs formation, Recmmendations for registraton of COs,  Facilitate for the preparation of proposals of COs, facilitation in the CO meetings, Leadership and Group management, Support for establishment of revolving fund  investment and collection of the fund,  capacity building trainings on vegetable production, commercial livestock management, staff capacity building, review meetings, monitoring and reporting,  

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