about our vmgo

our vmgo


Developmental works in Community for the creation of beautiful, ideal & well-established society.


Continuous support to community for the enhancement of women, poor and deprived people though group approach for their empowerment. Community development programs  for enhancing knowledge, skill & ability, different public related programs like Agriculture, Irrigation, Health, Education, Child, Women, Drinking water, income generation and infrastructure development.



Assist to develop a beautiful & ideal, society and assess of poor & deprived people through the group mobilization, utilization of the local resources in great extent, by the formation of impartial society.



    1. Awareness creation for the beautiful & ideal society
    2.  Sustainable & income generation activities through the group approach.
    3. To create the necessary environment for education, Health, Literature, Music, Arts & Sports.
    4. Income generation through the conservation & promotion of the valuable properties of the Nation.
    5. To uplift the status of the community in the field of human right, wage-labour, Drinking water, Agriculture, Irrigation, children & AIDS.
    6. To deliver the deliver the services to the target group through the participatory approach of the need assessment, and proper utilization of the funds received from the national & international donor agencies.